Argyle High School Wind Ensemble 

On July 27th the Argyle High School Wind Ensemble was selected as the 1st Runner Up in the 2014 Texas Honor Band competition.  The Honor Band process starts out at the region level, where the Argyle Wind Ensemble took 1st place.  From there the process goes to the Area level, where the Wind Ensemble, again, placed 1st, and then to the State level where they earned 2nd place.  This process involves all of the 3A bands in Texas and is narrowed down to 14 band in this classification.  Bands are adjudicated at each level by a different panel, each of five judges.  All judges are renowned and respected music educators in the state of Texas. Congratulations to students and directors on this great accomplishment!

Argyle High School Band 
Exemplary High School Band Award UPDATE

On July 27th the Argyle High School Band was presented the Texas Exemplary Band Award by the Texas Bandmasters Association at the TBA summer conference.  The award is presented to only one high school band in the state of Texas and recognizes the accumulative achievements of the overall band program.  Director of Bands, Kathy Johnson, accepted the award presented by the President of the Texas Bandmasters Association, Bruce Beach, at a ceremony in the Lila Cockrell Theater in San Antonio.

The Argyle Beginner Band Earns Top Awards

On Friday, April 11, the Argyle 6th grade Beginner Band participated in the Funfest Band Festival held at Sandy Lake in Carrollton.  Performing "Serengeti Dreams", the Argyle Beginner Band earned the Sweepstakes trophy and straight 1's from all judges.  In addition, the Argyle Beginner Band was chosen as the Outstanding Band of the Day in the middle school division; besting out 7th and 8th grade bands in this division.  Some of the judges comments included, "very mature sounds for such a young group", "excellent fundamentals and tone", "great disciplined band!".  The band staff is very proud of the students and all their hard work and dedication!

Argyle Band Students Receive High Marks at Region Band Auditions

Region Band Qualifiers
On Saturday Dec. 14th the Argyle High School Band had 70 students travel to Bowie High School to audition for the ATSSB Region 2 band.  At the contest 30 high school band programs from across our region were represented, with the top players being placed in either the symphonic or the concert band.

When the dust had settled and the scores were tallied, 47 Argyle students placed high enough to make one of the region bands and 2 other students will be alternates.  On top of that, 20 students placed high enough to qualify for the Area level competition which will be held in January.  Those students will audition to earn a spot as a member of the Texas All-State Band!

The Argyle band had more students make the band than any other school.  As a matter of fact, the next closest school only had 19 students make the band!  Click here to see the roster for the symphonic band. Please note that students whose names are underlined have qualified for the Area level. Click here to see the roster for the concert band.

We are very proud of all of the hard work that these students put in and how well they represented the Argyle High School Band!!!

Welcome to the Argyle Eagle Band website!

                The study and performance of music is an opportunity that our young people of today truly need.  It is not our goal as teachers to make professional musicians of our students, but rather it is to instill in them a sense of high musical standards and enable them to fully enjoy the life-long benefits of making music.  Recent studies show that students who participate in music programs such as band become the strongest students, academically speaking, in their schools.  The skills learned in our school band program – self-discipline, increased self-esteem, group cooperation, commitment, work ethic, responsibility to self and to group, and teamwork – will be reflected in a successful adult life.  Knowing that great performances are the fruits of a considerable investment in preparation, hard work, and lessons learned from failure, the opportunity to enjoy a new level of communication and self-expression is the goal for every musician, young or old.  Creativity is within us all, and the language of music serves as the perfect vehicle for the journey in personal growth and in the development of knowledge and skills.

Aesthetic experiences are a vital part of student growth.  Band, as a musical organization, provides one medium of aesthetic expression for students.  Our departmental goal, therefore, is that each student be able to express the aesthetic values of music, through performance skills and theory comprehension.